Slide background We have provided assistance
to over 4000
health professionals
Slide background The well-being
of professionals is essential
to everyone's health
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to serving
health professionals
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in an effective
and confidential manner
Slide background The health of professionals
matters to us

The Fundació Galatea develops programs dedicated, on the one hand, to promoting the skills and abilities of professionals, and on the other to studying their health, lifestyle and working conditions.

Through a broad and varied range of training opportunities that are practical and easy to pursue (workshops, courses, talks and conferences, among others), the Fundació Galatea promotes key ideas regarding care for personal health and the development of the skills and attitudes health professionals need.

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Our assistance programs provide specialized support to health professionals with mental illness and/or addictive behaviours. We assist physicians, nurses, veterinarians, pharmacists, psychologists, dentists, social workers and physiotherapists.