Designed for associated health professionals with emotional discomfort

What is SEPS?

The Emotional Support Service for Health Professionals deals with a concrete issue affecting health professionals, which includes not only mental disorders, but also the emotional discomfort associated with their profession.

SEPS attends to health professionals with emotional problems in which the influence of their work plays a significant role. However, in order to benefit from this service, discomfort does not necessarily need to stem from work-related issues.

SEPS follows the strict confidentiality policy that is essential to the Fundació Galatea.


Who is it for?

  • Health professionals who have difficulty managing the sustained stress caused by their profession, and who show symptoms such as anxiety, apathy, irritability, a feeling of being overwhelmed, depersonalization… all signs of the “burnout” syndrome.
  • Overburdened health professionals who explicitly request help.
  • Health professionals affected by psychosocial suffering: those suffering from pathological grief, disruptions, displacement, family responsibilities…
  • Health professionals with emotional discomfort as a result of having been accused of malpractice. In the case of physicians, this is in application of the Medical Association of Barcelona’s Protocol for the Care of Professionals as Second Victims (Protocol d’Atenció al Professional com a Segona Víctima).


What does SEPS offer?

With the aim of improving the well-being and quality of life of health professionals, whatever means of intervention is considered most efficient is used.
For professionals:

  • Individual care
  • Couples' care
  • Family care
  • Group care
  • Mediation

For organizations:

  • Programs for helping professionals improve emotional management in order to avoid “burnout”.
  • Department heads as “managers of emotions”.
  • Organizations as “healthy” institutions.


Would you like to contact us?

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