60% participation in the follow-up study of a cohort of resident medical interns in Catalonia

In 2013, our Foundation initiated a longitudinal study on the health, lifestyle and working conditions of the resident medical interns beginning their internships that year. The study was conducted in collaboration with the Catalan Society of Occupational Health (Societat Catalana de Salut Laboral). The basic study was completed through different occupational health units, and 470 new interns participated. From May to June 2014, we conducted an end-of-year survey for interns’ first year (this time, over the Internet) in which almost 60% participated.

In addition to Catalonia, the study involved interns in Cordoba, Castile-La Mancha, the Basque Country and Salamanca.

In September, we will present a preview of the initial and end-of-year results at the International Conference on Physicians’ Health.