Studies on the health of health professionals: nurses, pharmacists and veterinarians

As of 2014, many studies have been completed on the health, lifestyle and working condition of physicians (resident interns, students, certain specializations…). However, we would like to take a step further and obtain the necessary information to prepare health campaigns for the nurses, pharmacists and veterinarians of Catalonia. In our country, this will be the first data obtained on the health, habits and lifestyle of the members of these professions.

Our Foundation will sign a collaboration agreement with the Council of Nurses’ Associations of Catalonia (Consell de Col·legis d’Infermeres i Infermers de Catalunya), a second with the Council of Pharmacists’ Associations of Catalonia (Consell de Col·legis de Farmacèutics de Catalunya) and the third with the Council of Veterinarians’ Associations of Catalonia (Consell de Col·legis de Veterinaris de Catalunya). Several working groups have already been created to adapt our questionnaire to the working conditions of each profession. In addition, elements addressing the impact of the economic recession will be included.