Clínica Galatea-Barcelona Health Consortium working session

Clínica Galatea is part of the SISCAT, and has begun a series of working sessions with other SISCAT centres and services from different regions to publicize a series of initiatives offered by the clinic. These initiatives are aimed at providing support to ill health professionals, and at creating a network of professionals for the same purpose.

The first working session took place on December 2, and was celebrated at the events Hall of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in Barcelona. The event, entitled “Ill health professionals and Clínica Galatea; how can we improve care?”, was attended by professionals from Clínica Galatea who explained the services they provide as well as their experiences caring for ill health professionals since 1998. In addition, professionals from different Barcelona Health Consortium centres explained their relationship with the PAIMM and RETORN projects. Other such events will be held throughout 2015 across the metropolitan area and Catalonia in general. We will continue to provide information on these events.

See the information provided on Clínica Galatea.