Teamwork and welfare of health professionals



The methodology used in this course is active and participatory. The activities realized are meant to be empowering, with the goal of allowing professionals to apply what they learn in their everyday experiences. Materials include guidelines to help professionals create a personal development plan combining course content, participation in sessions, and a personal process of reflection on the part of each participant. In the modality aimed at natural working groups, guidelines for a team analysis and team development plan are also provided.



Modality A: Natural working teams Modality B: Health professionals Time and location: adapted to fit the needs of the centre requesting the course



The aim of this training activity is to provide common spaces for reflection and learning that can assist in the personal development of health professionals working in teams, while improving their personal well-being and helping to increase the quality of healthcare services. Objectives: - Provide a space for reflection and debate on teamwork as a necessary tool for efficiency, quality healthcare services and the welfare of professionals. - Identify the principal factors that influence team effectiveness and professionals’ well-being. - Encourage personal and professional growth. Content: - Teamwork, quality healthcare and the well-being of professionals. - Individuals, groups and teams. - Communication and interaction in working groups. - Factors affecting satisfaction, motivation and efficiency. - Teamwork skills. - Personal and/or team development plan.




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