Self-led course for resident medical internship tutors

Multiple studies show that resident medical internships can involve a high degree of stress. Depending on environmental influences and personal vulnerability, the psychological balance of the intern and their training process can be affected.

Because tutors are in close contact with interns and are in charge of supervising their learning process, they are often exposed to their problems and concerns, and are faced with the challenge of knowing how to address them. In some cases, it is not easy to analyse the situation and take appropriate action, and sometimes in attempting to do so tutors can supersede their responsibilities.

This online course is aimed at tutors who are new to this role. It aims to expose them to factors that influence intern stress as well as basic tools and resources at their disposal, so that they can successfully guide interns towards healthy professional development.



  • Get to know principal factors related with stress and psychological discomfort for those in the medical profession, especially resident medical interns.
  • Learn to establish tutor-intern relationships that can help to prevent and manage stress in resident medical interns.
  • Provide basic tools and awareness of existing resources for managing critical situations.



  • Doctors and their personal health. Factors that can lead to stress in resident medical interns. Data on resident medical intern health in Catalonia.
  • Addressing health in the tutor-intern relationship. The initial interview. The tutor’s attitude.
  • How to act in difficult circumstances. Resources for assistance, discipline, and education. The role of the tutor and the teaching commission. The role of workplace risk prevention services. The PAIMM program.


This activity has been RECOGNIZED by the Catalan Council of Continuing Education for Health Professionals (Consell Català de la Formació Continuada de les Professions Sanitàries, CCFCPS) with 0.7 credits (09/023491-MD del 15/10/18 al 14/10/19).

If you are interested in this course, please contact us.