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  • Video for the reception of residents
    Description: This video aims to raise awareness among residents of the importance of caring for one's health with some valuable recommendations to face this new stage successfully. Preparing for professional practice is not only to achieve technical excellence, but also the personal balance necessary to do it healthily. The resident joins the health system and directly lives the impact of reality (difficult patients, intense duty hours, decision making, ethical dilemmas, communication difficulties ...) and sometimes without the tools necessary to deal with it.

    More information:  link to the video
  • The health of resident medical interns: from theory to practice
    Description: Description: this DVD shows the different realities that resident medical interns experience that generate discomfort at different times in their training. Interns express their perceptions and their own ways of facing the most difficult aspects of this stage. The views of interns are compared with observations by a tutor who contributes a different point of view on internship experiences.

    Even though the individuals that appear in this film are actors, the content is based on the real worries and opinions expressed by interns in a focus group created specifically for this DVD. The script also incorporates the contributions of residents and tutors that participated in different editions of the workshops for a healthier professional exercise (within the program on the health of resident medical interns organized by the Fundació Galatea at university health centres).

    The goal of this film is to promote a responsible and useful debate that can help interns to:

    -Identify and share the difficulties and the causes of workplace stress that they most often have to face.
    -Raise awareness among interns regarding the importance of professionals caring for their own health, and provide guidelines about how to do so.

    When and how should I use this DVD?

    This DVD is meant to be used as a complementary tool for informative or training sessions, as a starting point for debate or for providing information on professionals’ health. It is especially appropriate for:

    -Welcome sessions for new interns organized by teaching units.
    -Training and awareness-raising sessions or workshops on caring for one’s own health aimed at tutors and interns.

    More information:  Link to the video