Dr. Miquel Vilardell
President of the Board

Col. 5711 - Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona

In 2001, the Council of Medical Associations of Catalonia created the Fundació Galatea with the aim of promoting the health, the physical and mental well-being and the quality of life of physicians, with hope of eventually incorporating other health professions. Before long, the community of nurses was included, and more recently, so were veterinarians, pharmacists, dentists, psychologists and social workers, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that better health care is provided to those they serve.

These health professionals have a strong commitment to society, and suffer from all sorts of pressures that can alter their state of mind and psycho-emotional balance. Paradoxically, although these professionals encourage their patients to be health-conscious, they often fail to care for their own personal health.

Sr. Antoni Calvo Lopez

Care for health professionals with mental and/or addictive disorders in Catalonia and the rest of Spain has been provided for more than 20 years. A pioneering program in this area was the Program for Assistance to Ill Physicians (Programa d'Atenció al Metge Malalt, or PAIMM), as was the RETORN program, designed to help ill nurses. With the creation of the Fundació Galatea through the initiative of the Council of Medical Associations of Catalonia, the goal of guaranteeing the health and quality of life of health professionals became more tangible, and the creation of programs with this same end became generalized.

This progress is the result of attending to a whole series of different factors that can affect not only the health of these professionals, but also their practice and, as a result, the health and well-being of the population they serve.

  • President:
    Dr. Miquel Vilardell Tarrés
    Medical Association of Barcelona

  • Secretary:
    Mr. Ignasi Pidevall Borrell
    Medical Association of Barcelona

  • Members:
    Mr. Ramon Aiguadé Aiguadé
    Physiotherapists’ Association of Catalonia

    Dr. Alejandro Andreu Lope
    Health fund of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands

    Dr. Josep M. Benet Martí
    Medical Association of Barcelona

    Ms. Núria Carrera Comes
    Association of Social Workers of Catalonia

    Mr. Joan Conesa Garrido
    Nurses’ Association of Barcelona

    Dr. Gràcia Ferrer Codinachs
    Medical Association of Barcelona

    Dr. Antoni Gómez Jiménez
    Dentists’ and Stomatologists’ Association of Catalonia

    Sr. Albert Granero Lázaro
    Nurses’ Association of Barcelona

    Dr. Maria Irigoyen Otiñano
    Medical Association of Lleida

    Ms. Marta Legido Mateo
    Veterinarians’ Association of Barcelona

    Dr. Frederic Mallol Miron
    Medical Association of Tarragona

    Dr. Ramon Masvidal Calpe
    Medical Association of Girona

    Dr. Ignacio Orce Satrústegui
    Assistència Sanitària Col·legial

    Mr. Xavier Prat Borrell
    Pharmacists’ Association of Barcelona

    Dr. Marc Soler Fàbregas
    Medical Association of Barcelona

    Dr. Gustavo Tolchinsky Wiesen
    Medical Association of Barcelona

    Mr. Albert Tort Sisó
    Nurses’ Association of Barcelona

    Dr. Josep Vilajoana Celaya
    Psychologists’ Association of Catalonia

    Dra. Silvia Zamora Mestre
    Medical Association of Barcelona